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Welcome To My Child Safety E-Zine!

My name is Debbie Kalarchik, ARNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner. This web site was a project for my Pediatrics Rotation. My Project was to publish this E-Zine with information regarding Common Childhood Safety Issues, and to maintain it. An E-Zine is an online magazine. There are as many different kinds of E-Zines, such as those devoted to travel tips, investing advice, politics or healthcare issues. This E-Zine is devoted to Childhood Safety!
The content of this E-Zine comes from a variety of reliable sources that I have found on the World Wide Web, especially from Bright Futures.Org and Kidsgrowth.Com. I have provided links to these sites where you can obtain more comprehensive information about child safety. I hope this E-Zine is informative and helpful. Remember, this web page is only for your information; you are ultimately responsible for your child's safety! If you have any questions or concerns about CHILD SAFETY, talk to your Primary Care Provider or Personal Physician. Be sure to sign my guest book at the bottom of the screen or send e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back frequently!

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Know When to Contact your health professional to assess early signs of illness:

1. Fever of 100.4F/38.0C or higher (rectal temperature)

2. Seizure

3. Skin rash or purplish spots

4. Any change in activity or behavior that makes you uncomfortable

5. Unusual irritability, lethargy

6. Failure to eat

7. Vomiting

8. Diarrhea

9. Dehydration

10. Jaundice

11. Hypothermia (low temperature)

12. Apnea (very long pauses in breathing)

13. Respiratory distress

14. Abdominal distention

15. Cyanosis (blue color)

Know what to do in case of emergency:

1. When to call the health professional
2. When to go to the emergency department

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