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Safety Tips For The 5 Year Old!

Batter Up!


1. Continue to use a seat belt in the back seat of the car at all times. Continue to use a belt-positioning booster seat. Be sure the vehicle lap and shoulder belt are positioned across the child in the back seat of the car. Never place your child in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag. The back seat is the safest place for children of any age to ride.

2. Establish and enforce firm, clear, and consistent rules for safe behavior

3. Teach your 5-year-old how to swim. Make sure all swimming pools in your area are secure.

4. Always use sun screen when your child is outside playing or swimming.

5. Keep your child's environment free of smoke.

6. Conduct fire drills and make sure all smoke alarms are operating properly.

7. Make sure any guns in the home are locked up and the ammunition is stored separately. A trigger lock is an additional precaution. And make sure these same safety precautions are followed at friends' homes. Never allow your child to handle firearms.

8. Teach your child emergency phone numbers and safety rules for the home. Lock up poisons, matches, and electrical tools.

9. Teach bicycle safety and make sure your child always wears an approved helmet as well as shoes while riding a bicycle.

10. If your home uses gas appliances, install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.

11. The purchase of a trampoline is not recommended because of the risk of serious injury.

12. Teach your child safety rules for getting to and from school. Teach pedestrian and neighborhood safety skills.

13. Teach your child safety rules for biking and skating. Teach the correct hand signals for traffic safety (e.g., right turn, left turn, stop). Be sure that your child always wears a helmet when riding a bicycle or skating.

14. Emphasize playground safety with your child.

15. Be sure that your child is supervised before and after school in a safe environment.

16. Choose caregivers carefully. Talk with them about their attitudes and behavior in relation to discipline. Do not permit corporal punishment.

17. Teach your child rules for how to be safe around strangers (e.g., never opening the door to strangers, never getting into a stranger's car). Be sure that your child's school curriculum includes information on how to be safe when interacting with strangers.

18. Never let your child play unsupervised outside.

For more information visit:

Town and Country Pediatrics!

Bright Futures.Org: 5 to 10 years!

Promotion of Healthy and Safe Habits:

1. Be a role model for your child by living a healthy life.

2. Be sure that your child gets adequate sleep. For children through 5 years of age, the suggested bedtime is 7-8 p.m.; for those ages 6-10, it is 8-9 p.m. (This may vary depending on families' schedules.)

3. Encourage family participation in regular physical activities.

4. Limit television viewing to an average of 1 hour per day. Check television ratings and choose appropriate programs. Watch programs together and discuss them.

5. Teach your child about personal care and hygiene.

6. Remind your child to wash her hands after toileting and before meals.

For more information visit:

Bright Futures.Org: 5 to 10 years!